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Workwear and out footwear which is designed to withstand the test of time – and which is designed with our North Yorkshire weather in mind. Dickies has seen us through many Winter and Summer seasons, from lambing to outdoor work in the depths of winter.

Voted by our team as the brand most likely to keep socks 100% dry during a winter washout.

BJ Bain Building Contractors Limited

BJ Bain specialises in a wide range of construction
and development projects across residential, commercial
and agricultural sectors.


Ritchie Agriculture epitomises farming excellence with a vast and diverse range of feeding and handling systems, farm life accessories, gates, railings, and more. With a tool or system for every occasion, Ritchie is our go-to for all seasons.

Manor Paints

The highest quality coating systems which allow customers to personalise their fittings and present their ideal finish across a wide range of items – inside and out.

Northern Nurtition

We’re proud stockists of Northern Nutrition Mineral Buckets. Experts in nurtitional advice, and suppliers of a wide range of animal feed supplements, backed up by some of Britian’s leading nutritionists. Northern Nutrition provide excellent quality to ensure maximum health and performance for your livestock.